Binance Copy trading App || How To Install and verify binance copy trading app

How To Install and verify binance copy trading app?

In This Article we will discuss some important that how to binance copy trading app and process of identity verification.

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After Installation Is Done The Next Step Is To Verify Identity.

Open the click on profile icon left top corner.

Click on verification.

To Verify you must have English ID Card or Valid Passport , Select one of the option.

It will give the options to upload the images of id card or passprot.

Upload the required documents.

After submitting the documents it will ask for intelligent verification , For intelligent verification it will take your selfie,

For this you have to put your face in camera frame.

Intelligent verification may it ask you while taking selfie it ask you to do some actions , like blink your eyes, move your head or may open your mouth you have to follow these instruction.

After all of this you will receive an E-mail.

It Will Take maximum 24 Hrs for confirmation and you you will see Green Tick Verified on Binance Verification Page.

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