Big Sheikh – Earning App

Big Sheikh is a new earning app in Pakistan which works as e-commerce store and sell different item across the Pakistan.

How We Can Earn Money ?

You Just have to install the app from google play store from the link given below :

To Install App:

Click here

Next you have to simply signup by giving your first name last name and phone number.

Just Very Your Phone number by OTP.

Then You will see 2 options on the main screen :

I have a Referral Code and Second is Start Earning:

Click On I have a referral Code and Paste This Code ” CrAJde1hLGtEaywF7 ” . By Pasting this you get 100 rupees free on your first sale.

Steps to earn with BigSheikh App:

1. Locate the BigSheikh App: Locate the  BigSheikh App on your phone. Tap on the BigSheikh Icon and open the App. So, once you open the App you will be redirected to the Home Page.

2. Search for the product: Search for the product you are looking for. You can go to collections and find many options to choose from. Choose the product. You will be able to see the starting price of the product that you have chosen to share.

3. Share on WhatsApp: So, once you find the product, you need to share the details in whatsapp by tapping on the option” Share on WhatsApp”.

4. Select the contact details: So, once you choose the product, you can share it with the person or a group. Select the contact details and tap on the right arrow, embedded in a green circle.

5. Add the product to Cart: Add the product to the Cart by tapping on the option “Add to Cart”. So, the product gets added to the cart. Cart will have all the products that you have added.

6. Select size and quantity: So, select the product size, quantity and proceed further by tapping on “Add to Cart”

7. Find the added product in your Cart. Your Cart will show the count as one if you have added one product and count will increase as more products get added.

8. Proceed to Checkout
9. Check the order Total: Before proceeding further check all the details, order total, product details, supplier name etc.

10. Enter Customer’s Delivery Information: Tap on “Enter Delivery Address”. You can find the address if you have already added it by searching with Customer’s name or phone number or you can add a new address as well.

11. Select an address: Simply tap on an address to confirm it and move on with the next step.

12. Add your Margin: Here you can add your profit margin. You can add any amount you want for the product. So, the actual price to be collected from the customer includes your profit as well.

13. Check the final price details: So, the final price of the product includes your profit as well. you will be able to see the margin you earn for the product.

14. Enter your Sender details: Enter the business details like your Business Name and Phone Number which are required and are mentioned on the parcel which lists you as the seller.

15. Tap on submit: Tap on “Submit” after you complete all the steps as specified above.
16, Review the order: Review the order once. Review the customer’s details, the products added, your margin, and the total your customer will pay and tap on the green “Place Order” button to confirm your order.

17. Track order: Go to the Orders tab to find your receipt and Order ID. You can view the order details here and track your order.

To Watch Video Tutorial Click Here.

Click Here

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